A Letter From Every Child To Their Parents

Reading Time: 15 minutes. "Get up, my son, let’s go home, your mother is waiting”, he implored. It was the love of the father speaking in all its purity. But Lakshmana Kumar won't open his eyes. He,the...

The Other Side of Truth – We See What We Want To See

Reading Time: 20 minutes. Dear Arjuna- we all misunderstood you! Day 16. It was a long day, I was too tired , yes me the great warrior Arjuna!I was so exhausted that I could not reach my tent...

Doing your job Vs. Doing something with a purpose!

Reading Time: 10 minutes. Arjuna once asked Krishna, "Lord, why do people consider Karna more generous than Yudhistara? Neither have ever refused whatever has been asked for nor whoever has asked. So why is Karna considered...

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