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Open the mail, click on a prompter that says that it is not a spam. Or you need to move the mail 9 from move option)to your primary account. If you do it once, next time you would get mails directly into your primary mailbox.

At the maximum, you would get only one update every fortnight as I mostly write on weekends.

And many times, I don’t have anything to write.

What you can expect?

Many of us don’t read after we finish our degree courses.

And many times, we read certain stuff that may be entertaining or is at a surface level, which does not help us to grow ourselves on a professional or personal level.

This website is an effort is to give you some thought-provoking material, actionable material that might help you to approach your life differently.

And you just don’t need to spend any money. Just spend 30 minutes every week and it may help.

And keep in mind, we value your time. Assure you that our effort is to provide you with certain useful stuff that is worth your time.