unconventional leaders

Unconventional Leadership

Unconventional leadership means having a different set of rules  (or no rules) than what is taught in management-schools . For example , leat's start with an unconventional thought . Have you been ever asked by your...
richard feynman life lessons

Lessons from Richard Feynman’s Life

This article is an attempt to shortlist 4 key lessons from Richard Feynman's Life. “If I have seen further,it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton wrote this in a  letter to...
pran chase

The Illusion & Meaning Of LIfe !

What is the meaning of life or life is meaningless or it is just an illusion? This post is the result of our constant efforts of finding the meaning of our lives - why we...
ram Ravan 2

VijayaDashmi-An Untold Story of Ram & Ravan

Here's an untold story of Ram and Ravan . It gives deep insights about both the characters. Whether it is true or a it is another myth , don;t know 1 But it does contain...
gods pran arora

Do Gods & Godesses exist ?

Do Gods and Godesses exist?Everyone comes across this question at some juncture of life. This write-up is an effort to think about the origin of gods & goddesses in a rational way ! Warning : If you're...
boring things

You Must Do Boring Things!

The path to become a master in anything is a journey full of doing boring things over  and over again over a long period of time. And in the process, keep on improvising to...

Irrational Human Behavior

We humans, happen to be just pawns and most of the time we don’t understand what’s really going on. Most of the time, we’re deeply irrational but our behavior isn’t random.To understand it fully,...

Kodawari -Path To Greatness

What is Kodawari ? May be it is new word for you. Before we go further, let's know that it is a Japanese term that can be translated as 'relentless pursuit to the path...
get rich

How To Get Rich -2

This is an extension of an earlier article ' How to get rich without being lucky ' This article contains 11 lessons from the book named "How to Get Rich" A great book but having a...
let go pran

Let Go !

Once you realize you deserve a bright future, letting go  is the best choice you will ever make. Let Go! ‘Let Go ‘ is an important personality trait - in life , in business as well...

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