About Me

Hey, as this happens to be my blog, so I’m supposed to tell something about myself.

About this blog :

This personal blog is just a journal for my own learning, tend to read a lot , try to write down key ideas which I find fascinating and where I can connect the dots from my own experience .

Generally I write on weekends (I avoid watching TV or reading newspapers as I feel they’ve less of substance but more of a noise in them) .

Reading and writing are the two hobbies that I’ve developed over the years .

There are 2 objectives of writing :

a) Ideas evolve as one puts them on paper

b) You can share those with others who’re on the similar learning path.

About myself :

I come from a small town of India and I’m obsessed with:

i) Reading & applying the learning in real life. I believe that whatever I’ve been able to achieve is the result of the same.

ii) Understanding human behaviour & a mystery named success

iii) Building businesses

iv) Applying learning of mass behavior to business as well as equity markets

v) Sharing knowledge

On professional front :

If you want to know me professionally, my profile is on LinkedIn – Click here