About Me !

Hey, as this happens to be my blog where I share my thoughts and likings in different forms and shapes ,

But to know more about me, I’m supposed to tell something about myself.

About this blog :

This personal blog is just a journal for my own learning, tend to read a lot , try to write down key ideas which I find fascinating and where I can connect the dots from my own experience .

Generally I write on weekends (I avoid watching TV or reading newspapers as I feel they’ve less of substance but more of a noise in them) .

Reading and writing are the two hobbies that I’ve developed over the years .

There are 2 objectives of writing :

a) Ideas evolve as one puts them on paper

b) You can share those with others who’re on the similar learning path.

This website also serves a purpose of a journal for me where I can keep writing and sharing my thoughts  and my likings with evry passing stage of life.

About myself :

I come from a small town of India and I’m obsessed with:

i) Reading & applying the learning in real life. I believe that whatever I’ve been able to achieve is the result of the same.

ii) Understanding human behaviour & a mystery named success

iii) Building businesses

iv) Applying learning of mass behavior to business as well as equity markets

v) Sharing knowledge

So anytme you feel like reading something about life, success, human psychology, you would find some resemlence in my thoughst and likings. I am sure you would enjoy it.

On professional front :

If you want to know me professionally, my profile is on LinkedIn – Click here