Achieving Greatness -Path & Pitfalls


Greatness is the result of the people daring to do things which are necessary to become great-bold, willing to be different, willing to live out of their comfort-zone for a long period of time, willing to look wrong temporarily ( and permanently if things don’t work out).

Being Bold :

The risks are enormous -the qualities which make one person great, same can make him go bust.

A great person is usually a person who is confident of his abilities, who is optimistic and who is ready to take risks. Now think about some person who failed – you would find the same traits in that person.

Bold leaders rise to the top and boldness brings in the fastest growth. But once they reach the top, they keep pushing – it is not in their nature to tone down, to stop. And they reach the cliff from where there’s no way forward but to fall.

Being Different :

If one keeps doing what others are doing, his performance would not stand out. Following what others are doing would bring the results similar to others. Being different is necessary to bring different results.

But bringing different results won’t make him great, to be great ,is results need to better than others.




Have a look at this matrix. If someone needs to get above-average great results & then his actions need to be different. And it can only happen if your judgment and insights are better than others.

One has to escape from the crowd and has to come out with something which would be followed by the crowd on some later date.

For the people who are happy with average results, they can be happy by remaining in the 3 out of the 4 cells. But to have an outstanding performance, one can’t follow the conventional wisdom.

Beyond Comfort Zone:

And it is not easy to be different because new ideas bring a lot of discomforts -they are not accepted easily, not funded easily and not very easily supported by power groups – there’re skeptics all around, all the time.

Willing to look Wrong:

Every new idea has the possibility of being wrong. In trying to be different and to give better results, one needs to bear the risk of being wrong and worse. And to succeed in anything that may lead to higher gains, one needs to prepare himself for a possible loss. Loss prevention strategies may work but if there are too many loss prevention strategies in place they end up putting a cap on the extent of a likely upside.

Avoiding failures may lead to removing the critical edges from a winning idea. Avoiding failure may guarantee you against loss but may also guarantee a no-gain situation.

The key is to have more successes than failures and to get more from successes than you lose in your failure. Avoiding failures is a sure-shot of way to poor or average performance.

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