Anxiety -Top Reasons


Why we feel anxious sometimes?

Well, all the reasons can be put in 4 broader categories :


1.Lovelessness: Every life could be defined by 2 great love stories.

The 1st – the story of our quest for sexual love – we all are familiar with the same, it is socially acceptable. Somehow human-relationships, society as well as world’s huge population has made it possible for everyone to somehow to get one or the other kind of love . And biologically , the need for the same also subsides to some extent.

There’s a  second love story too, a lesser-known, bit complex  but present in everyone’s life- the story of a human’s desire for love from the world.

This reflects in a human’s desire for recognition, getting respect from others .

It is a more secret and people hardly talk about it. But this second love story is as intense as the first, as complicated, important and it too has painful setbacks. There is heartbreak here too.

Every human wants to have a group of people ( small or large) who would value his opinions and his achievements .

But it might not be possible every time and in every situation and this leads to anxiety.

2. Expectations: Our own expectations, as well as expectations of our nears & dears that we should be doing better than our colleagues or our known-ones doing better than us, is another cause of anxiety.

3. You Can Achieve Whatever You Want: Constant nagging of society that everyone has got potential, everyone can achieve success if he truly yearns for it, media and movie telling rags-to-riches stories all the time -this all puts pressure on us, makes up feel anxious constantly if we fail to reach a certain level in life.

4. Dependence: Many times our success depends upon others e.g. the organization we work for, the country we live in, the status of the economy, the bosses we work with -most of the times, many of these factors happen to be beyond our control.

The insecurities about not being in control of certain outcomes is another reason for being constantly anxious.

How to overcome these anxieties ?

Well, as a human we can’t run away from these.

The world is full of a lot of random happenings . Lot of things are beyond our control .

One way to somehow overcome all type of anxieties to understand the reasons of your anxiety and see what can be done in given circumstances to make things better for yourself.

Well, this article is only for those who happen to have the regular anxieties but not at serious level.

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