Creativity -What It Is & How It Works ?


You don’t need to be creative to be creative.

Why creativity is important?

Competency will make you a living ,it is the creativity which will make you rich.

It is going to be the most desirable skill in the coming centuries as most of the routine jobs would be taken over by AI and robots.

Apart from that, it is quite obvious that people who can find new and efficient ways of doing certain tasks are always valued more than others. And one can do that at a scale, he would be paid and respected more by the society at large.

How To Be Creative?

You can be creative if you’re curious if you want to improve upon the things around you or what you do.

You can be creative if you are an explorer if you try to find out how things work in different domains if you’re hungry for knowledge and you’re a learning machine. Sometimes creativity is applying knowledge from one domain to another. (a simple example- have you seen red, yellow & green icons on a Mac, the idea came from traffic lights )

You can be creative if you don’t stop at the very first idea, the very first solution to an issue.

Behind a good idea ,there can be a great idea – keep digging further.

Keep in mind, creativity is not about what you know. It is all about what you can figure out with all the knowledge and learning you gather on day-to-day basis, how you are able to see the obvious which other miss, how you can look at all the aspects of an issue and can come out with some solution from a very new angle where no-one is focusing.

Creative Process!

Creativity does not mean that you need to be a genius. Being creative can mean many things – building on existing ideas, remolding the ideas from one domain to suit another, coming up with new ideas.

The creative process is not logical, it is chaotic and sometimes you come across some silly ideas too. Many times it is frustrating -either you don’t come across a certain new workable solution for a long period, and many a time your ideas may not be acceptable to others.

It is kind of a learning process where a teacher and a student exist with-in the same individual – that individual has to debate with-in himself on the pros, cons and improvement areas of your initial ideas. It is about making a lot of mistakes, reviewing your initial assumptions, involves a lot of learning and unlearning.

Creativity involves a lot of uncertainty and lots of rejections on the way to final acceptance. The rejections happen because it is difficult for everyone to know the consequences of something new. It is like someone going to a new land where one does not know the culture or the language- you would be susceptible, you would be full of doubts and you would be out of your comfort zone.

That’s why creativity involves letting go off the certainty & trying new things to check how they work and to improve upon them.

Some Tips :

-Read a lot, different things in different domains

-Travel to new places where you may not know culture or language, try to be on your own, try to mingle with locals

-Try to work with people from different cultures.

-Have friends outside from your own working domain, try to learn about their business, try to find out about their approach to the business.

-Have some hobbies outside your domain and try to excel.

Final Comment:

Great ideas and things inspire, whereas dull work and old ideas expire.

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun”
― Pablo Picasso


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