Some Simple But Uncomfortable Truths About Life -Part 1

  • Some people will never love you regardless of what you do.

Some people will always love you regardless of what you do.

  • Life is a single player game.

Your wins, your losses are all yours.

Only the player can relish the real pleasures and pains of the game.

Ohers just happen to be there in your life -some push you forwards, few try to pull you down, few for entertainment and some other are there to enjoy your leftovers.

  • Most people don’t know you exist and don’t care about you.


  • There are many hard-working, talented people who still fail.


  • It doesn’t matter how much you learn, you will never feel ready.


  • Not everyone is capable of changing.

People change only when they’re left with no option.

  • The people you attract (or don’t attract) reflect your vibes.


  • Smart people figure out inner peace.
  • Without emotional control, smart people are just fools.

The most impressive people are those who don’t care about reputation.

  • Most problems are avoidable with longer-term thinking.


  • Some mistakes are irreversible 

You just got to learn to live with them.

  • Time to train and compound talent is a financial privilege.


  • No one cares about your opinion until you show results.


  • You don’t know how important it is until you lose it.


  • People don’t fail due to lack of talent.

It is due to lack of dire need.

  • We all think the past version of ourselves was a fool, but somehow, we think the current version is not.


  • Results need dire-need , discipline and focus, not just intention


  • People scared of the judgment of others don’t achieve great success.


  • No one has everything figured out.

No one has no struggle or no doubt

No one is so smart that they have all the solutions to all the problems.

No one escapes pain and suffering.


  • The person you think you are.

The person you want to be.

The person you actually are.

You find peace when they are the same.

  • Unlearning is even more important than learning.


  • Success stories probably downplay the role of luck .

Failure stories probably overplay the role of luck.

  • Being pro-active is a success hack in all aspects of life.

Most people get average results because they happen to be reactive.

  • Life would teach you a lesson again and again until you don’t get it.


  • Success in life really appears to be 2 things:

1. Point yourself in the right direction. ( right , growing & sustainable domain)

2. Do the work even when you’re not in the mood to.

But there’re no guarantees.

  • Luck is a function of surface area.

You increase your odds by exposing yourself to more opportunities , more people ,spreading your bets.

You need a lot of shots on goal. Not everything will work, but some of it will.

Keep shooting.

Reach is a serendipity engine.


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