Leadership :Do you stand for yourself or for your team!

Reading Time: 05 minutes. Either be like Krishna , who will not only fight for his team Pandvas ,but would make every effort ,play every trick in the background to make sure that his people are...

The Other Side of Truth – We See What We Want To See

Reading Time: 20 minutes. Dear Arjuna- we all misunderstood you! Day 16. It was a long day, I was too tired , yes me the great warrior Arjuna!I was so exhausted that I could not reach my tent...

Cobra Effect -Think Before You Leap !

Reading Time: 15 minutes. The Cobra Effect is a term in economics. It refers to a situation when an attempted solution to a problem makes the problem worse. This name was coined based on an incident in...

Read Better, Think Better,Be Above Average

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