Curse – From Someone Who Loves You


Parvati thought, “So , while years on end Siva’s body has been glued to mine, at the same time I have been witnessing another of Siva’s loves. What does it mean, if the truth is that Siva’s head is still streaming with the thoughts of my sister, the loathsome Ganga?”

With a sudden move that made the mountain quake, she turned her eyes on Siva and said in an icy rage, “You play with me, but your head is always playing with Ganga.”

Shiva kept quiet, as they say, that the silence is the language of gods!

Then she turned to Ganga; her sister; and cursed her: “May your waters be forever impure”

Ganga was shot through by an overwhelming hurt & self-pity.

She looked questioningly into Siva’s 3rd eye.

Siva smiled, and with his usual charm, he spoke: “My Gange, you will take away the sins of anyone who immerses himself in you. This curse for you will be a blessing for the universe”.

Sometimes it is better to help others by providing a flamethrower than to handhold them while they’re sobbing in the darkness of a curse!


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