Krishna To You , Yes You!


पार्थ !

It’s 21st century,

You don’t have opponents these days you’ve comforts,
comfort of what you already know ,
comfort of what you have already achieved,
comfort of what you think you can’t achieve,
comfort of those who tell you that you have achieved a lot,
comfort of those who you have left behind.

You’re happy, you’re relaxed,you are at peace now.

You’re now just existing, you are not living.
You don’t want to think about those who left you behind.
You don’t want to think about those who need your help.

Every moment is a moment of reckoning.

Till now you have lived for yourself .Your head has been held under water for too long and now it is time to rise up.

Become a superhero.World needs you.You’ve debts to pay from your previous births . Go out ,do random acts of kindness , achieve enough to help many.

Just because everyone doesn’t know your name doesn’t mean you don’t matter.

Just because you don’t aspire more ,does not mean that you don’t owe anything to others.

You can be a more than what you are today.

You can do more than what you are doing today.

Evolve. Change.

You don’t need to win over others , you don’t need to fight others , you need to win & fight your own comforts.

You may be delayed but not denied.

:Krishna to Arjuna in each one of us.


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