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How to put systematic efforts to adopt new habits.

Whatever you are today , you’re net results of your habits !

. You don’t decide your future. You decide your habits and your habits decide your future. –                                      F.M.Alexander

Sometimes our current habits  happen to be the biggest obstacles for our dreams

They not only happen to be a hurdle in our efforts to learn  new skills or but they also act as our enemies if want to add a new healthy habit.


To learn certain new skills or to spare time for a new healthy habit ,we need to have some extra time ?

Right ?

From where that extra time would come?

For that either we need to give-up  few of our old habits or we need to cut down the time spent on them.

Changing Habits or Lifestyle to accommodate something new:

Old habits and thereof our comfort zone happens to be the biggest black-hole !

Such a big black-hole that compels most of us to fail in our new resolutions, a black-hole for learning new skills, a black hole to have a perfect body!

Ultimately a black hole of our dreams !

Is it easy  to come out of our comfort zone made of old habits ?

Answer is both :Yes & No.

Yes, if you have dire need and you design a fall -proof system to accommodate your new desire.

The answer is no , if your new wish is just a passing thought !

Points to Notice :

  1. Many a times changing a habit may require you to change your whole life-style.

For example,if you want to start doing Yoga every morning, you need to change the time when you sleep at night ,changing sleeping time means you need to sacrifice some of your TV-time or drop out of some of your socialising activities , and  it is almost like coming out of your comfort zone !

2. In many circumstances , it is mandatory  to change your environment  to change yourself . And you need to involve your friends or family members also.

Well, if there’s a dire-need, there’s always a way.

Formula 24:

Would like to recommend a simple formula, a formula based on personal experience and  following few excellent suggestions given by James Clear, the author of a book named Atomic Habits.

This suggested formula can help us to get rid of our non-productive habits and take us on the path of  adopting new & productive habits .It  can also help us in finding time for learning new skills.

Let’s call it Formula 24. 

Have named it Formula 24 because it contains 2 laws and 4 rules.

Caution: The condition for this formula to work is simple – You need to have a dire-need.A dire-need to change your life and a dire-need to get away from non-productive habits.

Let’s first understand 2 laws of Formula 24 :

By carefully looking at the table , you would realize that it is damn simple .

Add roadblocks in the ways of non-productive or bad habits, and reduce steps from the activities  which you want to pursue.

It is about adding obstacles and removing obstacles.

Wanna cut down your TV-time, remove batteries from remote,keep the remote in other room and try to forget about it and take the electric plug out !

So next time you plan to watch TV, you will have follow these additional steps :

a) Find the remote b) Find batteries c) Put batteries in remote d) Put the plug in socket

Extra steps mean you need to do some additional effort and many -a-times ,you may not be in the mood.

Remember how we miss our walk or jogging when we don’t find our shoes for few minutes ! ( there comes the 2nd law, make the steps visible for the habits you want to pursue)

Secret lies in in creating an environment where  pursuing good habits is easier and at the same time make sure that it is arduous to indulge in bad habits .

Wanna try more ?

Remove junk food from your home & your consumption of the same would decrease !

Replace ice-cream from your refrigerator with fruits on your dining table (law 2 -make these visible ) and you would end up eating more fruits.

Study the table, take a pic or download it , keep it with you, share with your family members , let the change begin today only.

Let’s go to part 2 of Formula 24 , the 4 rules :

Study it , download it , read it again and again till it become part of your thought-process
Won’t say much about this as all the 4 rules are self explanatory !

a) Go Slow

b) Don’t miss it twice

c) 2 minutes rule

The will to act is often the only thing that’s necessary.

d) Visualise what you would become in future

For more details, read the pic above.

Summary : If we plan to learn new things, we need to find time . To find time, we need to change current habits . And changing old habits is the biggest road-block in every person’s life as we tend to nurture them over the years knowingly and unknowingly.

Think about it, do you really want to do it ?

If there is no dire need, don’t even try it as you might fail in your new year resolutions and that may affect your morale , and that may leave you depressed, and then you might eat more !

Yes ,many a times people eat more when they’re depressed ( and yes , it is scientifically true) .

Hence if you’re not really serious, don’t try to learn any new thing or don’t try to adopt any new habit.

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