Motivation Is Temporary.


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How to overcome the problem of the motivation that does not last long.

Have you noticed that you happen to drive faster when you play some fast music? And opposite happens, when you play sad music  ?

Certain glands in your body become over-active while you listen to music and these glands release specific kind of hormones that can make you feel energetic or dull!

Similar chemical-reactions occur when you feel motivated or inspired !

Motivation and inspiration are the results of these  chemical reactions with-in our bodies.

You watch some inspiring movie, you listen some rousing speech, you meet some dynamic personality, you read some insightful article, your glands release some hormones and that results in certain chemical reactions  and you feel motivated to do something.

But the level of motivation does not stay at the same level permanently.Once the chemical reactions are over , your motivation also goes down. In other words, motivation is just an emotion which comes and goes.

This is also one of the key reason that most of the people quit after starting a project, a business or some task.

This also one of the primary reason that we are not able to keep our new year resolutions.

People don’t run out of the ideas, they run out of the motivation!

There are two more reasons  :

a) Lack of a dire need

b) Failure of  designing a fail-proof system to continue the work even if you feel demotivated.

In absence of a dire-need and a fail proof system, we keep on failing !

That’s where most of self help books, motivation-speakers or movies fail !

We get a quick spark but once that spark is gone , we are back to square one.

And sometimes these self-help books, motivational movies/videos   become  our daily drugs. We want to read more, listen more, watch more of motivation-related stuff.

This is because they release a so-called pleasure hormone called dopamine. We feel happy like a smoker feels relieved after having a smoke.Just like a smoker, we get addicted to these, they may not do any harm you but they don’t help either.

Now you know why majority of the people are unable to achieve anything significant despite having a cupboard full of self-help books , despite attending training programs or motivational lectures.

What to do :

1.Make a plan to achieve the goal (you feel motivated about) :

Motivation in temporary. It is just a spark . Use these days of motivation to make a full-fledged plan and develop a step-wise ,day-wise system to reach your goal.

Therefore, don’t wait. Just do it. Just like the old proverb that says, “Strike when it’s hot”.

2. Don’t quit:

There would be moments and days when you would feel you’re going no where. You may start questioning the purpose of your goal ! Your may fall back to your comfort zone if the goal is not your dire need.

Just keep doing the work. It doesn’t matter how you feel at the time .

 Good Day -Go To The Gym

                             Bad Day -Go To The Gym

And it is true not only with exercise, it is true for every task. Slowly you will get a traction,you would build the momentum , you would start getting success , you would start becoming better than your colleagues and eventually you will get inspired.

3. Divide the task in small pieces

If the task comprises of learning/doing many things, don’t try to do every thing at one go. Divide it into pieces , try to focus on one piece at a time. Divide those pieces further into small actions.

Do those small actions, have small wins,and you would feel  satisfied & successful .

Success itself is like a drug for the confidence. 

Small wins would  would make you more confident , a more confident you would be more motivated to do more complicated tasks.

4. Do watch or read some motivation stuf

In between of doing something , when you get some spare time , do watch /read motivational stuff. Let the dopamine flow from external stimulants also sometimes.

5. Surround yourself with people who inspire you

If possible , surround yourself with people who keep you pushing, who themselves are trying to achieve something .

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