Role of Luck in Success -At Different Levels ?


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How it can help:

a) It may inspire you to reach to the next level

b)It may hurt your ego and may make you more HUMBLE.

3 Levels of Success:

1. Relative or So-Called Success

2. Super Success

3. Absolute Success

So-called Success or Relative Success:

In most developing & developed countries, it is the easiest level to reach for anyone having an average body, average knowledge , with little hard-work and without much time spent in thinking.

Most of the middle class falls in to it , including you and me.

And most of the people are like Johnys in the  success-ladder shown below:

The people having so-called success ( relative success ) are the guys who’re in better position  in life as compared to their relatives, most of the classmates, neighborhood kids, and in comparison with the people having a similar family- background.

They have a stable job and live in a decent locality. They can afford to buy all middle-class luxury items, own home -either by taking a loan or on their own. Many of them already have savings or have a plan-in-place for their retirement as well as for expenses of their kids-educational and marriage. But they still need to think and worry about the money as well as their career/business.

These people are able to influence a small number of people – i.e. the people reporting to them + few more.

Qualities Required:

No special skills are required here except basic levels of efforts, basic level of knowledge , follow the orders and keep copying/pasting/decorating already popular ideas and little bit of luck.

Most of this success is forced upon due to external factors – society/peer/family pressure and requirement of fulfilling basic needs of food,clothes and shelter.

The following make picture makes it more clear.

Interesting fact :

Even a person at a position of a country-lead (of a decent -sized company) or a successful businessman in a small town fall in this level.

Don’t believe it ? Well let’s see how many countries are out there ? There are 195 . And let’s assume there are 3000 companies in a country ( India has 5700 listed companies on stock exchange and there are many others who are not listed – taking 3000 as average for each country as few countries happen to be small) .

Based on above calculation, there are about 5,85,000 country-leads in this world! Imagine you’re country-lead and live in a city where only country-leads are allowed to live. So you would be just one man in a population of 5,85,000 people . And there would be many country-leads who may be running a company which are 200 times bigger than the country-lead whom you consider super-successful.

Now add another set of population to this town- all those businessmen, celebrities and politicians across the world and those  people who’re having a better  or similar type of social or financial wealth as a country lead , you may have a town of 10 or 20 million people. And that country-lead is just one of them. He may be relatively successful as compared to rest of 7 billion population in the world ,but he is still part of a crowd.

Hope this makes you realise that how a country lead is also just an average person . He may be relatively successful but he is nowhere super-successful. A calculation like this makes everyone humble.

(for a small town business-man ,try to do the calculation yourself)

Super-Success :

The people having super-success are those who have risen far above their relatives/friends/neighbourhood kids as well as people with similar family background.

They are more focused on achieving something bigger, leaving a legacy and are beyond day-to-day concerns of a career as well as money.

These people happen to be CEOs or owners of large companies or leaders of some cults or leaders of some political parties. Their actions affect a large number of people.

Qualities Required:

It requires special efforts and some special qualities

  1. Ever present dire-need to excel

2. Consistent effort

3. Continuous improvement

4. Regular upgrading of skills

5. Risk Taking

6. Failing and rising again

7. Keep creating something new

8.Little bit of luck

9. Keep exploring

Absolute -Success

These are the people who get a status of gods, their actions have a capacity to influence a majority of the world’s population.

They are the people who bring changes in the day-to-day life of the majority of human beings – either in their activities or in their thoughts.

Money /Status etc. don’t matter to them once they reach this stage.

Steve Jobs, Buddha, Newton, Michael Jackson are a few of the examples.

Qualities required : 

Same as Super Success people but these guys some time zoom into Absolute Level due to extraordinary favourable circumstances .

Easy-To- Compare -Check The Table

Have tried to put the differences among different level in the following table – in terms parameters of wealth and the luck required to achieve each of them

Success is generally measured on following 4 parameters of wealth a :

  1. Financial Wealth -How much money you have
  2. Social Wealth – How many people you can influence
  3. Time Freedom- How much freedom you have to spend your own time
  4. Physical Wealth -How much healthy you’re

Have put a question mark on health factor as it is hard to get this data. But it has been generally observed that people in Super-Successful & Absolute-Successful categories tend to have a better health for a longer period as compared to So-Called-Successful people.

Hope this article helped you to get some different perspective and would help you in your progress on success-ladder !

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  1. Hello Pran- I was thinking of super successful person should also have characteristics of responsibility for society otherwise money shouldn’t be the true scale for whole success 😇

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful insight on success. Would request you to post more on absolute success and ways to achieve it.


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