Your Potential Is Limitless !


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Why you’re better than what you think and why you should not be satisfied.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– in both cases you happen to be right.” — Henry Ford

Many times, we’re happy with stones while we can get gold by digging deeper! It applies to most of us, becoming happy after getting a few colorful stones out of a gold-mine. Because many a time we don’t realize that we’re in a gold-mine, what we see around us is a cave, a cave full of stones!

A human’s potential is limitless but conditions of the society make us blind towards it. It depends where one wants to settle, what we want to see- settling for colorful- stones or digging deeper and keep going for gold!

Let’s assume that potential has a range from 0 to infinity. If we want to settle at 100, our brain would automatically put a limit of 100 & would struggle to reach there. Many times, circumstances and society also happen to applaud us by reaching 100.

But if we want to settle in 1000, our brain would cross 100 without we even realizing it as it has now conditioned itself to 1000. It is all about conditioning -do we see stones all around us or we keep looking for gold & even when we get some, we wanna dig more!

Most of us benchmark our success with our neighbors/class-mates/relatives(society) , once we’re positioned better in life as compared to them, most of us slow down. Many struggle to find the next trigger , we get into a comfort-zone.And that is where many of us get stuck.

Once we have more number of colorful stones as compared to our peers, our nearby circle (society) starts singing laurels, we stop looking for gold , we feel satisfied & stop en-cashing our potential to the hilt !

Re-adjusting our benchmarks is an important skill which is not taught anywhere !

Be careful :

Understand the difference between being happy and being satisfied.

There’s a proverb in India – Satisfaction is your biggest wealth.

In literal terms, it says don’t try for more ! To me it sounds bit weird and wrong.

Let’s twist it a bit – Happiness is your biggest wealth , be happy but never be satisfied.

It implies that be happy in whatever situation you’re but keep trying , don’t be satisfied. Remaining happy is important as no-one can bring positive results if someone is unhappy. But remaining unsatisfied is also important, only then you would try for best .

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