Your Behaviour Is Your Trap?


How Others Trap You Due To Your Behaviour Patterns ?

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We don’t take most of our decisions,most of our life is driven automatically. 

What happens when someone passes by you and smiles at you, you feel compelled to return their greeting.

When you don’t smile back, you might notice that it makes you uncomfortable.

This is called the behaviour of reciprocation. As a human we’re are obligated to give back to others, the form of behaviour that they have first given to us.

And this is just one of the several ‘automatic behavior patterns (ABPs)’ which almost every human exhibits.

There are few others ABPs also, here is the list of top 6 of these:

We buy what others buy, we go to the places where others go , we read books what others are reading,we trust in celebrities and politicians, we start hoarding as soon as we come to know that something is in shortage – each of these actions is the result of deep-rooted automatic behaviour patterns in humans.


We all use these ‘automatic behavior patterns’ of others and fall victim because of our own ‘automatic behaviour patterns, to some extent, in our daily interactions with friends as well as strangers, with enemies as well as family-members.

Organisations understand these automatic behaviour patterns very well, they use it to market their products, to make their ideology popular, to gather funds, to get votes and in many other different ways to get something out from masses.

They make us terribly vulnerable to anyone who does know how they work.

These ABPs are powerful because they bypass our rational minds, appealing to our subconscious instincts. They elicit what Dr. Cialdini calls the “click, whirr” automatic response in all of us.

Thirty years ago, Dr. Robert Cialdini wrote a book named Influence on these patterns of behaviours. He  listed science-based 6 automatic patterns of behaviour (ABP) in humans  .

If someone can master these well, he can easily persuade and influence others.

I am naming these automatic-behaviour-patterns (ABPs) as black holes of human behaviour because under the influence of these black-holes, our rational thinking becomes invisible, our intelligence gets sucked and we get pulled by something like we are not in control.

On the other hand, if we can understand these black-holes, we can live an above average life, can do better than others in whatever field we are working and won’t be fooled by the various factors which are trying to control us every minute.

Let’s first understand the real meaning of a black-hole before we explore the black-holes in ourselves.

According to NASA,a  black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying.

Because no light can get out, people can’t see black holes. They are invisible.

Just like black-holes in space, there are black-holes in our personalities, invisible black holes!

These are our automatic behaviour patterns – these automatic behaviour patterns (ABP) , just like black holes in space, have immense power of attraction which paralyses everything in its sphere of influence, they force us to bypass our rational thinking thus converting most of the humans just a member of a herd.

Why You Should Know About These Black-Holes

Marketing is all about understanding human behaviour.

In the end, you’ve to convince your potential customers to purchase your product or service and prefer it over the competitor’s …

…and it’s very unlikely that they will do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

Instead, you need to be able to tap into their behaviors -their deep seated social norms, moral codes, or maybe even different survival mechanisms that still exist after millions of years of evolution.

And  to do that , knowing these automatic behaviour patterns, the black holes , is  very important.

This would not only help you to focus your energy and resources in a more efficient way ,this would also open many unknown paths for you :

  • If you would like to have effective promotional strategies to grow your business
  • If you want to improve/promote your  personal as well as professional life
  • If you don’t want to get trapped by the promotional techniques used by others in order to avoid making  irrational decisions

Keep In Consideration:

Understating these black-holes (ABPs) can help you to promote yourself as well as your brands ,do note that while this can help bring more awareness for your brand, but in the end the biggest factor still remains on quality and usefulness of your product.

All marketing techniques as part of a marketing strategy will only work when they’re supporting a product or a person that provides true value for money to the customers.


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